-You can write back and forth with a child asking them questions about themselves, their likes and dislikes, etc.

*For the younger children that can't write well, they'll send you pictures they've drawn especially for you!

-Being a pen-pal is the chance for you to be involved in a child's life here, to get to know them and to build a relationship with them while encouraging them with the love of Christ. 

-Being a pen-pal gives you the opportunity to chat with that child over video chat as well!

​*We'll set up a monthly date/time that works with your schedule!

-It could give you a chance to practice your Spanish, and your pen-pal can practice their English! But don't worry, we'll have someone there translating for you too

Special Occasions

For your pen-pal's birthday and for Christmas, you get the chance to be a part of that day by sending them a card and a gift if able!​

This will make their day even more special to have you send them something with their name on it! 


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