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Update on GDP

Good day everyone

It’s been a hard 3 years for us. The COVID issue has caused a lot of our donors to cancel their commitments due to financial difficulties. It also affected the monthly groups that were coming down to serve with us. All this has caused the ministry to struggle in many areas.

Wayne and I have not been able to travel to raise awareness and the needs for the ministry due to the requirements to enter the States and Canada. We really miss seeing all of our friend, family and church families.

In the past three years we have had a few changes. Eight of our children have gone back to their parents , a staff housing has been built and just about finished.

We have also started to build a septic tank for the laundry room and we started the in-ground pool for the orphanage.

We are still in need of some finances to finish these three projects.

Our children are homeschooled and they are all doing very well.

A few weeks ago , a good friend and our Canadian accountant , passed away. Don Porter was a long time friend , a man of God and a man with a servant heart. He will be greatly missed by all here at GDP.

That’s all for today

Thank you for your continued support , because of people like you this is all possible .

If you like to parter with us please go to our donate button .


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