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15% Off All Items

gas power washer

 commercial fridge 

 commercial freezer


 daycare riding toys

 table games 

 shop vacuum

 gas/diesel jumping jack

 tractor backhoe/kubota with attachment

 national van or small car

15% Off All Items


committed monthly support

long term volunteers

dry foods

children clothes

national small vehicles

projects finances

single mattresses 

single sheet sets

fridge & stove for staff housing

kitchen table & chairs


Your donation means protecting a child in the daycare & partnering with us to keep families strong and united in the community of Maneadero, Mexico.

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Guarderia Dios Provehera A.C. & Casa Hogar is a ministry working in Maneadero and funded by Safe Care Mission International Society USA & Canada - a 501(c)(3) organization, all gifts are tax deductible. 

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